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Brad from Warragul
Brad from WarragulTerra Fern Terrariums
We craft custom terrariums for special events, gifts, and for home. Our range includes both enclosed and open terrariums. We love to add a personal touch, often including small figurines or particular shades of colour to reflect your style or the person you are giving it to. Terrariums make an excellent choice for the home or office as they require minimal care and watering.
Stacie from Pakenham
Stacie from PakenhamScentsational Scents
My Candles are made using 100% soy wax. They are beautifully scented to help you unwind after a long day. Soy wax contains no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants and has a cleaner burn with the use of a cotton wick. Soy wax doesn’t burn as hot as other waxes, making it a great choice for you and your family.
Jasmine & Fred from Warragul
Jasmine & Fred from WarragulBarany Naturals
We are a husband and wife team, running our business from home. The business was borne out of a desire to find gentle and nourishing products to use in the family home, specifically to help manage some particularly sensitive skin for our young family. We make a variety of handmade, all natural and chemical free products which are nourishing for the skin, good for the soul and gentle on the environment.
Jayne from Drouin
Jayne from DrouinJayva Designs
We love creating gorgeous handcrafted jewellery in unique designs. We are a small business working from home and you can often find us at local markets and fetes. Our other designs also include wooden beaded necklaces, bracelets and cabochon stud earrings.
Linda from Bunyip
Linda from BunyipLinda Jane Designs
I believe discovering what brings you peace is an art in itself and I am truly blessed to share my animal designs with everyone. The intricate detailing is there to create not only shadings but also feelings of joy upon close inspection. Animals, drawing and flowers has been a lifelong passion that I’m now bringing all together.
Sharen from Drouin
Sharen from DrouinShare N Nature
I am very much earth connected with a deep love for Nature. I am inspired by Natures gifts and am at my most creative when outdoors. Words come easily and flow freely with the aid of the earthly energies that surround me. I have a horticultural background, plants, trees & flowers have always been a part of me. Now I am sharing Natures beauty through my words and drawings for others to enjoy. It’s who I am… Share N Nature.
Samantha from Drouin
Samantha from DrouinShe Said Hello Homewares
Concrete is the most used man made material in the world. The possibilities for shape and form are endless. I’ve begun making my own moulds from silicone, which is in itself a craft. By using oxide, concrete can be coloured in any shade or mixed to create a marble effect, a favourite of mine at the moment. Every time I un-mould a piece I’m excited to see its own unique air bubbles, colour and characteristics.