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Brad ~ Warragul
Brad ~ WarragulTerra Fern Terrariums
We craft custom terrariums for special events, gifts, and for home. Our range includes both enclosed and open terrariums. We love to add a personal touch, often including small figurines or particular shades of colour to reflect your style or the person you are giving it to. Terrariums make an excellent choice for the home or office as they require minimal care and watering.
Jasmine & Fred ~ Leongatha
Jasmine & Fred ~ LeongathaBarany Naturals
We are a husband and wife team, running our business from home. The business was borne out of a desire to find gentle and nourishing products to use in the family home, specifically to help manage some particularly sensitive skin for our young family. We make a variety of handmade, all natural and chemical free products which are nourishing for the skin, good for the soul and gentle on the environment.
Jayne ~ Drouin
Jayne ~ DrouinJayva Designs
We love creating gorgeous handcrafted jewellery in unique designs. We are a small business working from home and you can often find us at local markets and fetes. Our other designs also include wooden beaded necklaces, bracelets and cabochon stud earrings.
Linda ~ Bunyip
Linda ~ BunyipLinda Jane Designs
I believe discovering what brings you peace is an art in itself and I am truly blessed to share my animal designs with everyone. The intricate detailing is there to create not only shadings but also feelings of joy upon close inspection. Animals, drawing and flowers has been a lifelong passion that I’m now bringing all together.
Deeva ~ East Gippsland
Deeva ~ East GippslandDeeva Art
Deeva creations express the intrinsic love for nature within us all. Endeavouring to awaken a sense of playfulness and magic with our sweet creations. Deeva is located in East Gippsland, where the magic and beauty of nature abounds. You are invited to be involved with these creations, to love, to play, to be inspired and moved to action.
Laura ~ Gippsland
Laura ~ GippslandLittle Bumble Wraps
I’m Laura, wife, mum and proud Gippslandian. I’m passionate about educating and empowering all households to rely on a more sustainable way to keep food fresher for longer. Little Bumble beeswax wraps are a sustainable and natural alternative to plastic wrap. Simply wrap food to keep it fresher for longer then rinse and reuse! Lovingly hand made with local and natural ingredients in Gippsland. You can even make your own with our DIY kit with our scientifically developed recipe.
Kaitlyn ~ Pakenham
Kaitlyn ~ PakenhamEnough Rope
Each of my pieces are unique; I choose to allow the rope to take me where it shall, rather than decide on a pattern or direction and try to fit the rope to my plans. The versatility and simple repetition of Macramé allows for such an approach; as knots can always be untied and patterns can always be started over.
Robyn ~ Warragul
Robyn ~ WarragulFinch and Wren
A penchant for simple pleasures -beautiful healthy skin, a fine cup of tea and a warm bath – inspired the business. Her range of herbal teas, soaps, skincare and body products have been developed and manufactured in Gippsland from locally wild harvested, Australian and imported ingredients. I am a qualified Herbalist and have sourced the cleanest, greenest and most sustainable materials to bring a superior freshness to the entire collection. Soaps without palm oil or animal fats, cruelty free natural skincare and essential oils throughout means your little indulgences won’t cost the planet.
Glynn & Ness ~ Drouin
Glynn & Ness ~ DrouinPennybright Studios
We are a mother and daughter creative team from Drouin that just love to create. We meet together one day a week to “work” on our creations and just spend time together. We love to try new things and have turned our hands to many different crafts including soft sculptures, dioramas, leather journals and home décor items. We are inspired by nature and love to include natural elements and colours in our creations. Our “work” is usually done around the kitchen table amid lots of coffee and laughter!
AJ ~ Drouin
AJ ~ DrouinCrafting for Lakshmi Lips
I am passionate about creating a healthy sustainable environment for our family, the local community and the world we live in. Within my own life I have experienced how health can be impacted by our emotional health and how natural medicines and modalities along with any traditional medicine required can work hand in hand to assist in wellness and emotional support. I have combined some of my favourite modalities to craft Lakshmi Spritz and Bath Bombs for a luxurious and enjoyable experience. All products are crafted with the highest quality natural organic ingredients and are vegan and cruelty free.
Rachel ~ Morwell
Rachel ~ MorwellCardmaking for Little Finn Crafts
Little Finn believes that giving a card is like giving a warm hug with a fold in the middle. Rachel crafts everything in her Gippsland home studio, and she has been known to spread some sparkle around with a trademark sequin or two. Having studied a Bachelor of visual arts and diploma of education, there’s a little bit of teachery goodness as well as artistic flair in her uniquely crafted, handmade cards. At its beating heart, Little Finn has a passion for all things paper, stamps and inks that come together to put smiles on faces.
Debbie ~ Drouin
Debbie ~ DrouinBerridelish
Berridelish was derived from my passion to create delicious preserves made the old fashioned way. Victorian grown produce is a key ingredient for our range of jams, chutneys, relishes, pickles and sauces that are all homemade locally in Drouin.