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The Willow Branch is a floral design studio located in Drouin, Victoria. Catherine first planted her roots in 2012 after completing her apprenticeship and adorning her cousin’s wedding venue with carloads of white twisted willow branches. After encouragement from her friends and family she opened her studio to the public, working alongside brides, photographers, and artists alike to create distinctive floral arrangements for weddings, editorials and creative photoshoots.

Catherine’s style has always leant towards the rustic and esoteric – you can often find her spontaneously foraging and squealing joyous exclamations at finding wild flowers by the side of the road, or planting her own unusual varieties in her small organic farmlet. Her hobbies include scavenging old markets for unique trinkets or vessels, long days hiking with her dogs, and collecting driftwood, pinecones, and other natural wooden arts.

Trekking down to the Epping flower market 3 days per week is just a small part of Catherine’s adventures – alongside her partner Terra Fern Terrariums, she also offers a wide variety of plants, giftware, pots and unique floral designs.

“Each flower is it’s own piece of art; they can contrast or blend with each other, evoke emotions in people and bring them back to childhood memories of their Nan’s hyacinth patch. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than creating unique pieces which really reflect the recipient’s personality and tastes.”

Which is why The Willow Branch offer more than your standard retail florist – incorporating vines, pods, berries and blossoms they relate back to the natural beauty of flora whilst creating pieces that are both classic and tasteful.